The founder

Very implied and respected in the community of Montreal-North, human and intellectual qualities of Mr. Elimby are not any more to prove.

Sensitive to the school difficulties which the young people encounter, it decides into 2003 to base an organization of charity and to put on foot a program Sport-School which frames and supports the young people in their trainings after the classes. This program is addressed to the young people from 6 to 16 years.

It is with a rare enthusiasm and voluntarily that it manages this program since the beginning. Since then, it succeeded in contaminating its motivation with the directors of the schools of the district of Montreal-North which became its partners. Master be-art in Education, Teaching of accountancy at the School commission of Montreal and trainer approved by the government of Quebec, it helped of innumerable young people not to take down and remain concentrated at the school.

In 2006, it decides, with the approval of its board of directors to create a school of end of the week. The idea is very well accomodated in the community but nobody is ready to finance his project. Determined, autonomous and triplet of a soft leadership, it succeeded in convincing Mrs Michelle Courchesne, Minister for education, the need not only for financing his school but also for accrediting his organization.

In January 2008, the Minister for education officially accredited and financed his project of school of end of the week. Currently, from tens of young people profit from one supports school Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays by qualified helpers.