Because we also believe that classes end at a certain period, But the apprenticeship continues all life long

“Mener Autrement” means “To lead differently” is a charity non-profit organization that has a mission

  • to support the community through mentoring, training and supporting youth and adults with little schooling or returners;
  • to encourage the spirit of initiative and the creation of individual companies;
  • also foster the social integration of young people with intellectual disabilities through sports activities.

To do this, the organization offer sports activities including assistance to academic difficulties and training activities.

  • This mission is focused on four areas:
    • Educational (school weekend, support for learning difficulties, home help, etc.).
    • Entrepreneurship (Spirit of creativity-Business Start by youth)
    • Health (program against obesity in young called Project OZO)
    • Sports (soccer tournament and other sporting event)
    • Social Conscience (eldercare)