Problems: Because we also believe that the classes end at a certain period, but the apprenticeship lasts all life long. Then we want to contribute to jointly prevent the development of the phenomenon of the gangs of street in the community of Montreal-North with the other Community organizations.

Although the young people represent the changing of tomorrow for our society, many of them, from 6 to 12 years, did not profit from any good quality leisure or activity apart from their schooling. Worse still, children of 6-12 years intellectual handicapped for whom the activities are quasi inaccessible, taking into account their intellectual deficiency, their financial means very limited or lack of transport appropriateness. The families must call upon their CLSC which refers them in the centers of rehabilitation in intellectual deficiency or in the youth centers.

It arises that these families are very often single-parent and must budget for prudently and give priority the essential needs for their family (housing, food, and clothing). They are also often deprived to bring the support necessary to the development of their young children. Several of these families have been in Canada for a few months only.

The urban environmental pollution, the presence of inadequate residences, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and under-schooling are also factors that facilitate juvenile delinquency. It is in this context that we agreed to twin these defective young people with those known as normal (regular) in order to improve their quality of life while allowing them to develop their full potential but also to relieve the parents.

The problems aimed by our “Sport-School programme” are addressed above all to the young people of the primary education from 6 to 12 years and the possibility gives them of developing their potential by the prevention with school unhooking and the fight against poverty. In this manner, we hope to discourage the recruiters of the gangs of streets who target more and more the very young people.