1. Increase school retention, to prevent and fight against school dropout, delinquency and gang membership streets:
    2. Organizing educational activities
    • By keeping the attention of the youth to school
    • Allowing them to express their views on various topics that affect them to a greater social consciousness (violence, drugs, etc.).
    • Organizing discussions and workshops to address these various topics
    • Giving them a sense of belonging to our center rather than street gangs
    • Reducing the risk of discouraging young people face difficulties in school (which is one of the arguments gangs to recruit youth) providing homework activities
    1. Prevent and fight against all forms of obesity among young people;
    2. encouraging initiative and the creation of small individual or group projects
  • Develop community engagement youth to become CONSEQUENTIAL
  • the promotion and enhancement of the regular sports activities
  1. Contribute to the economic integration of cultural communities and people with little education in entrepreneurship
    1. Support the community by assisting youth with disabilities by
    2. establishing and implementing educational programs and social integration for them;
  • Break the isolation between local families by community leadership while making the security
  1. Offer scholarships and (or) Awards of Excellence or encouragement for young people who excel in an academic discipline or demonstrate a significant improvement in school discipline
  2. Receive gifts, legacies and other contributions of the same kind of money, securities or real estate, give such gifts, bequests and contributions
  3. Organize fundraising campaigns with private companies and traders to finance the activities of young people with learning difficulties.