Our mission

Because we also believe that classes end at a certain period, But the apprenticeship continues all life long.

Mener Autrement "is a charitable organization that issues tax receipts for donations received, which are designed to:

  to support the community by supervising 6-17 year olds, training and information workshops, education and support for adults with little education or queuing;

  promote multiculturalism and combat all forms of discrimination, including "racism";

  encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of individual businesses;

  promote the social integration of young people with disabilities through sports activities.

To do this, we offer non-discriminatory sports activities integrating help with academic difficulties as well as training activities. This mission is based on five areas of intervention:

This mission is based on five areas of intervention:

  Educational (weekend school, support for academic difficulties, training workshops, information sessions, etc.)

  Sports (Soccer, Athletics, Day Camp and other sports events);

  Entrepreneurial (Spirit of creativity-Launch of businesses by young people)

  Health (program to fight against obesity among young people called OZO Project)

  Social awareness (meditation, fight against discrimination, including "racism", etc.)