Although young people represent tomorrow's generation for our society, many of them, 6 to 12 years mainly, did not enjoy any leisure or quality activity outside of their schooling because of their very limited financial means.

It appears that these families are often single parents and must carefully budget and prioritize the essential needs of their families (housing, food, clothing). They are also often lacking the necessary support for the development of their young children. Many of these families have been in Canada for only a few months.

$300 - $400 registration and participation fees required by some organizations are beyond the reach of the vast majority of young people in our borough. It is in this context that we have agreed to match these young people with disabilities to those called normal (regular) to improve their quality of life by allowing them to develop their full potential but also to relieve parents.

The problem addressed by our "Sport-School Program" targets primarily children of primary school aged from 6 to 12 and gives them the opportunity to develop their potential through school dropout prevention and the fight against poverty. With the program set up, we hope to:

  •   support the community by providing guidance to youth aged 6-16, training and information workshops, education and support for low-educated adults or drop-in;
  •   promote multiculturalism and combat all forms of discrimination, including "racism";
  •   promote the social integration of young people with disabilities through sports activities;
  •   encourage entrepreneurship and the creation of individual businesses;
  •   discourage recruiters from street gangs who are targeting more and more young people.

Because we also believe that classes end but learning is lifelong. So we want to help prevent the development of the phenomenon of street gangs in the Montreal-North community in conjunction with other community organizations.