Andrée Ruffo's

Word of the spokeswoman

"The children are the cause of my life, it is important to be a conviction, a source of motivation"

"Children should be helped before they become delinquents, busy destroying themselves or other children who may be as helpless and unhappy as their parents."

"Children do not need to cry about their fate or be indignant. They need strong adults, determined to fight for them. It is urgent to move from indignation to action."

Abdoulaye Yoh, Ph.D

Honorary Donor

Director of Administration and Finance at the University City Hall of the University of Regina, but also President of the Saskatchewan French Health Network, Professor Yoh is the very first donor to our organization. His great generosity leads him to become involved in many causes: education, health, well-being of the poor, etc. To remind us of this proverb he likes to quote:

"Whoever crossed the river should not forget who stayed on the other side"

Hélène Graveleine's

Word from the Honorary President

Inspirator of the program to Lead Differently

She symbolizes the triumph of love

All her life, she knew how to educate, help and love without asking anything in return.

His life is modeled after the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew (25: 31-41)

To eat, to drink and clothes to the needy; Visits to the sick and the isolated are some of the actions of this dedicated Christian and director of education.