Our vision

As Ms. Andrée Ruffo said: "Children do not need to be mourned or angry, they need strong adults who are determined to fight for them. from indignation to action."

For more social justice and cohesion, non-discriminated and varied activities demonstrate our ability to reach out to all strains of communities. Supporting the community through the supervision of 6-16 year olds, training and information workshops, education and support for adults with little schooling, or drop-outs, demonstrate our commitment to seriously engage in teaching, in order to consolidate and ensure the sustainability of the practices and knowledge that our organization has been providing since its creation in 2003.

So, through certain values, we put children in touch with significant adults who would influence them so that they become positive leaders and not offenders, busy destroying themselves or other children who are at risk. to be as helpless and unhappy as their parents ".