fren Because we believe that while school ends after a time, learning never does.

Our mission

Our mission

Because we also believe that classes end at a certain period, But the apprenticeship continues all life long

Through sports and school activities, we want to support the community by supervising, training and supporting young people with learning difficulties (home help) and adults (parents) with little schooling or those who go back to school (weekend school ). Prevent school dropout and support school perseverance. Also promote the social integration of young people, including those with limitations through sports activities. Also, awaken the social conscience of young people through reflection activities (conferences-discussions). Contribute to the well-being of the most vulnerable children in Montreal North through sports and school activities. Finally, promote and persevere in the adoption and maintenance of healthy lifestyles among children from the most economically disadvantaged families.

This mission revolves around four areas of intervention:

  • Educational (weekend school, support for school difficulties, homework help, etc.)
  • Health and healthy lifestyles (program to fight obesity in young people)
  • Sports (Day Camps, Soccer-Ado and other sports gatherings)
  • Social awareness (reflection activities)

Our vision

Our Sport-School program is not only to help young people achieve academic excellence but to prepare them for life. It’s not just grades that matter. They are important of course, but we would like our young people to become good human beings, good citizens who can contribute to world peace: CONSISTENT YOUNG PEOPLE.

Our approach

Instead of proposing or imposing themes, we have always opted to question young people on the subjects that concern them, who comes to get them, which bothers them. Generally, we adults are convinced that we know what young people need. We often have an idea of their needs, but young people are the only ones who know exactly how they feel and what they want. It is therefore IMPERATIVE to LISTEN to them, to ACCOMPANY them and not to DIRECT them.

Our approach, which we want to be global, promotes a real positive transformation of the young person. It consists in understanding the multiple dimensions of the young person’s life (his personal history, his living condition, his needs, his social interpersonal relationships). We make sure to

  1. Provide for basic needs: emergency food and clothing

  2. Offer them support and a welcoming living environment: put them in contact with significant adults, listen to them, raise their awareness, supervise them in a safe manner, help them develop a sense of belonging

  3. Offer diversified, accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory, and non-paying sports and school activities, targeting young people from underprivileged families: homework help, tutoring, tutoring, volunteering

  4. Encourage prevention and citizen involvement: conferences on discrimination, bullying, volunteering

Our values

Sport-School program is based on four core values that also represent the background of all our activities.

  1. Selfless service: we believe that helping others (within the limits of our possibilities) without expecting anything in return, is one of the highest forms of assistance that we can give to ourselves and to the community humanity. This is a service to humanity. Service makes us richer each time we provide.

  1. Responsibility to become aware of the consequences of our actions on our environment and become positive role models for others, especially for the younger ones.

  1. Non-violence in all its forms, whether in words, actions or thoughts, we do not encourage any form of violence. This value applies to both animals and nature.

  1. Respect: first respect yourself by honoring your commitments, respect others and their ideas and meet all other forms of life. This value applies to both the nature. This value applies to both animals and nature.

Our Partners